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Thu, Nov. 11th, 2004, 08:06 am

Culture Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Right

By Ursus77

The Far Left finds itself increasingly powerless these days. If the recent election is any indicator, a majority of Americans endorse the war on terror, lower taxes, entitlement reform and other solidly conservative issues. Then there is gay marriage. There are simply not enough diehard Conservative Christian Republicans in the country to account for the issue’s devastating rejection in eleven states. Clearly many people from middle America and even large numbers of religious Democrats are suspicious about the idea. Perhaps those people might have been more accepting of the idea over time if the subject hadn’t been so blatantly forced by liberal activist judges or West Coast politicians.

Faced with their Election Day fiasco, lefties in so-called blue counties find themselves surrounded and overwhelmingly outnumbered by so-called red counties. The siege mentality has led some to call for secession from what many call “Jesusland.” The more realistic of them simply resort to what they have always done, which is question the intelligence, education and breeding of their opponents – as if that will win people over to their cause.

The shrinking leftist wing is led by a well-educated and financially successful “intellectual” circle that has entrenched itself in education, media and the arts. College professors who live in cloistered comfort funded by upper-class students bemoan the evils of capitalism. Shock-value “artists” seek public funding from the very cultures they wish to deconstruct. Journalists have become propaganda agents rather than objective chroniclers of the facts. Entertainers like Madonna bemoan the selfishness of Americans while living in incredible opulence.

This small but influential clique of intellectual terrorists still remains firmly placed within its bases of operations. There is no quick way to deliver the death-blow to insurgents so firmly ensconced in their bunkers. The only thing we can do is prolong and deepen the siege under which they already find themselves. With a sense of historical irony, we on the Right can play the Red Soldiers surrounding Berlin, hoping the insane and increasingly isolated leftist Fuehrers will have the grace to commit suicide.

How we achieve this decisive siege is another taste of irony. We use the free market.

If you’re thinking of sending your kids to a liberal college: don’t. Send them elsewhere. Send them to a Catholic school if you have to, just don’t fork over your hard-earned money to finance the socialists and postmodern deconstructionists in leftist university faculties.

Do you buy Madonna’s music? Do you watch movies with the Baldwin brothers? Do you watch TV shows that ram left-wing messages down your throat? For the love of all that is holy, please stop! Don’t give one dime to these Hollywood activists who consider you stupid and inbred for voting Republican.

Don’t buy the New York Times. Don’t watch CBS. Don’t partake of any media that has a liberal agenda. This is going to be difficult given the preponderance of leftist media. But until something better comes along we have FOX news and internet blogs.

Don’t buy modern art or anything else so avant-garde. In fact, be suspicious of art in general. Artists are often the most immediate shock troops of the militant left. Only purchase art that is tasteful and conservative, and support artists who actually have some talent and standards.

The point here is to exercise via the power of your checkbook a veto on the cultural influence of the left. Send the educational and cultural elite of the leftist front into bankruptcy. Faced with penury, the leftist chattering classes will collapse much like the Soviet Union. Root them out of their cloistered, fantasy worlds and let them try to assimilate in the real world of “Jesusland.” Imagine starving journalists and university professors begging for food and shelter from the religious institutions they’ve spent their whole lives denigrating.

Let the final siege of the culture wars begin in earnest!

[This article is copyrighted to the author. Permission to distribute the article is hereby granted, so long as it is reproduced in full and correctly attributed to the original author].